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CUT Productions are specialists in the technical aspects of mastering Optical discs across all media. We use MAM-A gold discs for incredible long life archival purposes (CD-Rs 300 years and DVD/BLU-Ray 75-100 years).

Mastering is achieved through the use of specialist software and hardware to first create ISO or DDP images which can be electronically delivered and sent the client for review, with a special software player. All formats are suitable for either duplication or full scale replication needs to full Redbook or DVD-Video/DVD-Rom specifications, including all packaging and artwork.

The mastering is undertaken with careful regard to burning under controlled conditions. We can add CSS, CGMS and SCMS bits for replication to both DDP and Optical masters. We can also offer Copy Protection for ISO images and duplicated discs too.

We offer both Video and Audio mastering to full professional standards. This includes full legal broadcast online mastering of both HD and SD video and audio mastering to fully compliant PPM/EBU R128 loudness standards for audio, using Avid and Pro-Tools software and equipment.

There is nothing short of stone or paper that could last as long for archival purposes as the MAM-A gold discs! If you are an Archivist, Library or Producer with these needs please contact us for no-obligation technical advice.